Our mission is to become a household name in the quilting community. Designing quilting tools and templates that take the stress out of doing ruler work is our goal.

The only rulers and templates that sit-down machine quilters can use in free-motion. Our patented design allows the sit-down machine quilter to complete ruler work as if they were quilting on a longarm.

Our facility is located in Usk, Washington. All of the materials that go into making a Fine Line® Quilter's Rulers or template is purchased in the USA and made by USA companies. From the Plexiglas sheets to the resistance strips on the underside of our rulers and templates.

We utilize an outside fabricator located in Washington who cuts our ruler and template bases with CAD laser programs. Each ruler or template base is inspected for quality, adherence to our specifications is critical. We only want to pass along to the quilting commun
ity tools that meet your expectations. Our ruler and template bases are laser cut from thick cast Plexiglas. Our rulers and template bases are cut from 1/4" or .236 thick acrylic

The finger grips are cut from 3/8" Plexiglas rod and are 1-1/4" long. The finger grips can accommodate all hand and finger sizes easily.

Once the ruler and template bases are received here in our facility, they are kept in a temperature controlled room for 36 hours prior to putting the finishing touches on your
Fine Line®. Plastic shrinks and expands depending on temperature, so letting the bases sit idle is important to a quality finished product.

The finger grips, part of our patented design, are bonded to the ruler and template bases using an industrial acrylic bonding agent, much like what is used in the production of fish tanks. The resistance strips are cut from an industrial grade of Velcro, the same strength and staying power as is used in draperies.

The laser scored incremental width lines will never peel, fade, or rub off. We don't add fancy bells and whistles to the
Fine Line® Quilter's Rulers or templates; our goal is to keep producing a quality tool quilters love, fancy branding isn't going to improve the performance of your ruler or template.

Ruler work in quilting should be a passion, not a problem. Over the years I have talked to many quilters who shy away from ruler work because they cannot control their rulers or templates. The
Fine Line® Quilter's Rulers and templates take the fear out of ruler work. You have the ability to stitch straight line or continuous curve designs with ease and accuracy.

The "Fine Line" Quilter's Rulers and templates are designed for Longarm quilters and for quilters who quilt on their domestic sewing machines. The
Fine Line® Quilter's Rulers and templates give the domestic sewing machine quilter the advantage of using tools in their quilting while in free motion; you can accomplish the same tasks as a quilter using a Longarm system. All the Fine Line® Quilter's Rulers and templates have been designed with the quilter in mind. The designs are then put through a 6-8 week Beta Test Group of mixed quilting experience and different levels of experience using rulers and templates. The changes in the original designs are made from suggestions that come out of these Beta Test Groups; this ensures we are passing along a quilting tool you will use time and time again.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Carol Olson,
Quilt Designer, Custom Quilter and Developer of the Fine Line Quilter's Rulers and Templates